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Endodontist Dentistry

Endodontist Dentistry

Endodontic dentistry is the dental specialty that saves teeth that are severely damaged, difficult to diagnose or do not respond to treatment. Endodontic dentistry especially focuses on issues with the nerve or root of the teeth, including root canals.

Who are endodontists?

Endodontists have two more years of advanced education dealing with the inside of teeth, including the root and nerves. Endodontic comes from the Greek roots, “Endo” which means inside and “odont” which means tooth. They specialize in treating the soft tissue inside of the tooth,also known as the pulp. Endodontists will treat complicated cases involving the root or pulp.

Endodontists routinely assist with root canal therapy including diagnosis, techniques and treatments. Endodontists are often able to save teeth that have been otherwise deemed too diseased or decayed to save.

When do you see endodontists?

Your dentist at Federal Way Dental Excellence will refer you to an endodontist if you should need one. Patients are most frequently referred to endodontist for root canal procedures but your general dentist could refer you to an endodontist if you are experiencing complications or intense but non-specific pain from a tooth or part of your mouth. Endodontic dentists will also treat serious dental injuries, and anything concerning the inside, root or pulp of a tooth.

If you fear you are having problems that require an endodontist, Dr. Michael Yu Yeh at Federal Way Dental Excellence will assist you to determine if an endodontist is necessary and can refer you to an excellent endodontist in the Federal Way area.