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Composite/Resin Tooth Fillings


Fillings are used to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay. Your dentist at Federal Way Dental Excellence Center will fill your cavity by removing the decayed part of the tooth, clean the infected area and then fill the cavity with a filling to prevent further decay.

Mercury-Free Fillings

At Federal Way Dental Excellence Center, we offer mercury-free fillings. Traditional silver fillings are made of a combination of metals which includes mercury. There have been research that shows mercury fillings can cause you harm. Mercury fillings can weaken your tooth. The associates at Federal Way Dental Excellence Center will replace your silver fillings with a more natural and healthier tooth-colored restoration.

What Is Tooth-Colored Restoration?

A tooth-color restoration is a filling that will match the natural color of your teeth. Tooth colored restorations are natural look, safe and long lasting. They are made with a blend of resin and silica and contain fluoride which will prevent additional decay in your tooth. Tooth-colored restoration preserve more of your tooth’s natural structure than traditional silver fillings do.

How Do I Replace Silver Fillings?

You can now replace your traditional silver fillings at Federal Way Dental Excellence Center with a tooth colored restoration. Your dentist will remove the silver filling and any decay, then they will make an impression of your teeth and place a temporary onlay. Your tooth colored restoration will then be created and at a follow up appointment, your temporary onlay will be removed and replaced with your new tooth color restoration. Once the tooth colored restoration is placed, the filling will be bonded and then polished.

Dr. Michael Yu Yeh, can provide you with additional information about mercury-free fillings or removing your silver fillings during any scheduled appointment.

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