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Dental Implants Federal Way

Dental implants are permanent fixtures that will replace missing teeth and fill the gaps in your smile. They provide the foundation for replacement teeth to be implanted. Dental implants are necessary if you have lost teeth due periodontal disease or injury, wear dentures that are uncomfortable or want to keep your remaining teeth intact. Dental implants can provide a safe, healthy and comfortable solution for missing teeth.

Why Dental Implants?

Essentially dental implants federal way are titanium fixtures that replace the root of missing teeth and can hold a replacement tooth or bridge if necessary. They prevent replacement teeth or dentures from moving around, and they also prevent, remaining teeth from moving which can cause further problems in the mouth. They are extremely strong and durable pieces that will prevent your jawbone from shrinking and keep your mouth and remaining teeth healthy.

What is the Dental Implant Procedure?

The dental implant procedure will depend on your exact condition and oral health needs. Dr. Michael Yeh and associates at Federal Way Dental Excellence will help you determine what type of dental implant and following procedures you may need. The plan will be impacted on how severe or special your case may be and your dentist will take into consideration if need a bone graft, bone regeneration or would like to take advantage of our Teeth in an Hour procedure.

What is Teeth In One Hour?

Teeth in One Hour is a special procedure that allows patients to receive functioning teeth on dental implants in just one procedure at Federal Way Dental Excellence. This procedure was designed by Nobel, Biocare. It is meant to save a patient time and pain during the dental implant procedure. With the Teeth in One Hour procedure, your dentist will take CAT scans of your jaw bone and create a 3D model of it. Then using virtual reality software and the 3D model, your dentist will plan the implant placement. Your dentist and surgeon will work together to implant the implant immediately after extraction, which will allow for less swelling and bruising and accomplish the implant process in one appointment.

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